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Maria Garcia is the proud owner of Revolución Coffee House. With experience in the food industry back in Palm Springs, California; Maria relocated to Portland. As a former employee of the Mexican Consulate in Portland her diverse background and passion is currently funneled into growing her business. She enjoys cultural events and small business development, which drives the creativity behind Revolución. The style of product including the traditional Mexican warm beverages and desserts made by her sister, Zulema, and cookies made by her mom, Silvia, are influenced by her passion for art, culture, cooking and folklore. She believes there is a niche in the well known Portland coffee scene for these products, coffee drinking and café culture in México and Central America. 


“Our products at Revolución, such as coffee, atole, champurrado & café de olla are not only delicious, they reflect a page in my own personal cultural heritage and they play a role in the larger story of “What is Mexico?” I am excited to share something a little different with the Portland coffee drinking scene.”



Mexico City, known as "El DF"



Maria believes that mistakes can be made but second opportunities are life savers sometimes. Maria is aware of the lack of opportunities in the Latino communities that strongly influence the decisions we make in our youth.


Maria started a project at Oregon State Penitentiary with the Latino Club. There she created custom made cut paper (papel picado). This project brought Latino inmates together in a cultural experience while at the same time teaching them a popular art in Mexico. This art will help them invest little money and time to produce beautiful decorations that can be sold instantly and get money fast without defaulting again for lack of opportunities once they are out here or in Mexico.



The culture, OPPORTUNITIES, the support for small businesses, the diversity - Portland is a lot like Mexico City in many ways (food, diversity, events, etc.).



Cafe de olla, a traditional Mexican coffee beverage often prepared in handmade clay pots. The distinct flavor of Café de olla is slightly spicy and sweet, crafted using fresh coffee, cinnamon and piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar).



To remain respectful towards our employees, neighbors and clients and to eventually Grow revolucion into a larger scale restaurant or cafe, where Mexican art, culture and food can exist more NOTICEABLY in our city.



For more information, please send an email to: revolucioncoffeehouse@gmail.com


Active member of the Instituto de Cultura Oregoniana.

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